Bill Collectors Theme Song

from by Apes of the State

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When I was just a little kid they told me to dream big
you can do anything
when I got older they told me to stop dreaming
start being more realistic, make the coffee do the dishes
but I can't seem to keep my head out of the clouds
cause whats the point of living life
to work until I die
That can't be it and if it is then I want out
and honestly I never had a dream of getting older
but here I am what can I do about it, tell me what to do about it now

Cause I never wanted to be every single stereotype of a white middle class 20-something pissed at the economy
I never meant to be the epitome of a quarter life crisis and being a junkie didn't live up to the hype

When I was just a little kid they told me I was special
Then I grew up and found out they told that to every single one of us
get addicted to our drugs then go away to universities
where we'll sell you dreams then make you work for free
They handed us an economy thats destined us for poverty
then have the nerve to call us soft and lazy for complaining
cause they're from a generation where you could be what you wanted to be
but baby I'm a 90's kid, only 90's kids will understand this

got bill collectors calling us to pay back student loans
but they can't ever find us if we throw away our phones
then we can sit in diners, drinking coffee smoking cigarettes outside
look in each others' eyes without cell phone lights to hide behind and
we can just kick off our shoes and make these sidewalks home
we'll write songs and sing for food and we'll never be alone
never be alone, never be alone, never be alone when we're with friends
and we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone


from This City Isn't Big Enough, released March 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Apes of the State Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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