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For the people we will never see again


You know lately I've been thinking
About some things
Like all the lovely friends I made in rehab
That I'll never see again
Cause some of them are dead
And all the people that I've met
In bar bathrooms and in checkout lines that I'll never see again
But in that moment
It was like we were best friends
Just having conversations
Cause sometimes the people who don't know the things you've done are the only ones who will bother talking to you
Sometimes strangers are the best people to tell your secrets to
Cause they don't know you
You know lately I've been thinking about things I've lost
Like my mind, my heart, your baby blue eyes
And lately I've been wondering about things that haven't happened yet
Like if I'll ever feel that way again
But the past already happened so I can't spend today digging through that shit
And the future hasn't happened yet
So there's no sense in worrying about it
Just living in this moment
And today I wish that I could put new glasses on your eyes so you could see the world the way I do through mine
Cause then maybe you wouldn't wanna die you wouldn't have to stick a needle in your arm
Just to survive
Cause I see myself in every single part of you and I made it through
So I can't just sit back and watch you throw away your life
And I don't give a shit if I'm the last person on this earth who believes in you
I will show you how beautiful it is to be
And I will love you til you love yourself
And I will sing until I love myself


from This City Isn't Big Enough, released March 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Apes of the State Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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